[FieldTrip] website, ftp and bugzilla downtime

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Tue Mar 17 11:15:33 CET 2015

Dear FieldTrip users

As part of the renovation of the Donders building, the server room will be moved to another floor. The consequence is that the servers that are running the FieldTrip wiki, ftp and bugzilla will be switched off, disconnected, moved and switched on again. The move does not only involve the server hosting our website, but also our compute cluster, the large storage system and a whole bunch of other equipment, i.e. it involves moving about ten full-height 19” racks full with computers. You can imagine this to be quite some work for our ICT team. The exact downtime is hard to predict, but the whole procedure is planned for next Monday (23 March 7:00 CET) to next Wednesday. 

I realize that the lack of availability of the fieldtrip wiki and ftp server is inconvenient, hence we will try to keep them up and running by temporarily migrating these services to another location (outside the Donders building). Also this might come with a little bit of downtime, but it should be so short that hopefully you won't notice.

We will also use the move to initiate the transition to a new domain “fieldtriptoolbox.org" which better reflects the contributions of all stakeholders to the project (not only the DCCN, which once started off as the F.C. Donders centre). The old addresses will continue to work for the time being, so you can use either the old fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl or the new www.fieldtriptoolbox.org. The FTP (for releases and tutorial data) will move from ftp.fcdonders.nl to ftp.fieldtriptoolbox.org.

The bugzilla.fcdonders.nl and the svn.fcdonders.nl servers will NOT be kept running and will be down for a few days. Although FTP will continue to be available on ftp.fieldtriptoolbox.org, the updating of the daily releases will not happen for a few days. In case you need the latest version, you can always get them from svn or git (see 1). Also the editing capabilities on the wiki will have to be temporarily disabled during the actual migrations, which means that there is no “edit this page option” in the menu.

best regards,

1) http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/faq/i_am_having_problems_downloading_from_the_ftp_server

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