[FieldTrip] how to add trigger values to cfg.trl

Zsolt Turi zsoltturi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 10:08:53 CET 2015

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I use ft_defintrial function to perform triger-based trial segmentation of
cnt files recorded from the ANT EEG system. In the earlier version of
FieldTrip (e.g., 20140123) the resulted cfg.trl matrix has a size of n x 4,
where the last column represents trigger values.

In the newer version of FT (e.g., 20150310), the resulted trl matrix
contains only 3 columns and the 4th column about trigger values is missing.
To note but maybe it is not important but I do not use the most recent
version of Matlab (, R2013a, student licence).

Could anyone give me a hint how can I add the trigger values to the cfg.trl
matrix (ie. to the 4th column)?

My code is:

cfg                                  = [];
cfg.dataset                      = '20150302_1454.cnt';
cfg.trialfun                       = 'ft_trialfun_general';
cfg.trialdef.prestim           = 1.5;
cfg.trialdef.poststim         = 2.0;
cfg.trialdef.eventtype        = 'trigger';
cfg.trialdef.eventvalue      = {'2','3'};
cfg                                  = ft_definetrial(cfg);

Many thanks in advance!

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