[FieldTrip] Creative use of ft_multiplotER?

Emily Ruzich emr37 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 12 09:42:45 CET 2015

Hi All,

PhD student and first-time fieldtripper here.  I have a question about
plotting grand averages using multiplot.  I've done a bit of a cheat (I
think), as I'm actually interested in measures of complexity, and so for
each of my subjects I've taken the timecourse data for a 60-second interval
and performed an MSE calculation before overwriting the data.time and
data.trial matrices.  These plot just fine using:

    cfg = [];

    cfg.layout       = 'biosemi64.lay';

    figure(1);  clf;

    ft_multiplotER(cfg, data);

But I'm running into trouble when I try to perform some group comparisons.
I'm able to average across subjects (using the standard matlab mean
function; I've tried timelockgrandaverage and timelockanalysis, but I think
as this isn't actually timelock data, I get errors), and I am able to plot
one group average using the same code as above, but when I try overlaying
an additional group to the plotting function, I get the following error:

    ft_multiplotER(cfg, data, data2);

Error using horzcat

Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.

Error in ft_multiplotER (line 516)

    xmin = min([xmin varargin{i}.(xparam)]);

This is the case even when the two "data" inputs are identical
(eg:  ft_multiplotER(cfg, data2, data2)).  I've also tried using "hold on"
but haven't had success with this either.  I would very much appreciate it
if you could please let me know if what I am trying to accomplish is even
possible using ft (or at least, that it is not strongly discouraged) - I
hope this question is not overly trivial!  Please let me know if there is
any additional information I can provide.  Thank you very much for your




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