[FieldTrip] imag plv

Tobias Staudigl tobias.staudigl at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Mar 6 13:02:33 CET 2015

Dear ft community,

I am looking for an equivalent of imaginary coherence (Nolte, 2004), 
based on the phase-locking value (Lachaux, 1999) rather than coherence.
Fieldtrip supports the following function, which would be exactly what I 

cfg.method = 'plv';
cfg.complex = 'imag';

However, I did not find any documentation or reference, and was 
wondering whether it is feasible to use 'imag' together with 'plv'?
Sadaghiani et al. (2012; J Neurosci) calculated imaginary plv in their 
paper like this:

Is this what the ft code effectively does?

Any help appreciated, thanks a lot!

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