[FieldTrip] Phd or Post-doctoral position at the University of Salzburg

Claudio Georgii Claudio.Georgii at stud.sbg.ac.at
Thu Mar 5 13:25:34 CET 2015

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

the clinical department (in particular the Clinical Stress and Emotion Lab
and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience) at the University of Salzburg is
offering a Ph.D (3 years) or post-doc (4 years) position (depending on
career stage/experience) for applicants with basic or advanced knowledge in
EEG/fMRI/MEG methods. The focus of research will be analysis of ERPs,
oscillatory EEG (on the surface and in source space) as well as
connectivity analyses.

We are funded by a starting grant of the European Research Council, running
for the coming 5 years and a project funded by the Austrian Science
Foundation in collaboration with the National Research Fund of Luxembourg
(3 years).

Please take more detailed information about the proposed position from the
attached .pdf-file.

We are looking forward to your application!

Kind regards,
Claudio Georgii
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