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Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
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Hi Omar,

The eeglab2fieldtrip.m function lives on the boudary between the two projects. We (i.e. Arno and me) have decided to maintain it on the EEGLAB side and copy it to FieldTrip whenever needed. That is why it is in fieldtrip/external/eeglab. 

If you go to 
you can see the history. See also http://bugzilla.fcdonders.nl/show_bug.cgi?id=2770

In general for (almost) all code in fieldtrip/external it is being maintained externally, and often by people that are not directly related to the fieldtrip project.


On 16 Feb 2015, at 16:38, Mian, Omar <miano at lsbu.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hello,
> There seem to be differences between the eeglab2fieldtrip.m when the Fieldtrip and EEGLAB versions are compared.
> Is this an oversight?
> Which one is “better” ?
> data.cfg.version.id contains a later date in the Fieldtrip version, but the file properties modified date is later in the EEGLAB version.
> The versions I am comparing are:
> \fieldtrip-20150109\external\eeglab\eeglab2fieldtrip.m
> \eeglab13_4_4b\plugins\dipfit2.3\eeglab2fieldtrip.m
> Thanks
> Omar
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