[FieldTrip] coherence and group analyses

Jean-marc Lina jeanmarclina at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 16:37:06 CET 2015

Involved in source analyses from MEG/EEG data, I am going through your
papers related to statistical testing (Nonparametric stat testing of
coherence differences, 2007 and stat testing in electrophys studies, 2012).
Mostly concerned with coherence and coherency (either topography or
tomography), I have some questions related to nonparametric statistical
testing in the case where we have 2 groups (one group per condition, N
subjects in each group) of individuals (n trials for each subjects). I will
greatly appreciated some information that could help clarifying the
- how do we design the null distribution? permutations are among all
subjects?  How do we handle fixed/random effects?
- Can we reproduce stricto sensu the Monte-Carlo approach described in the
2007 publication at the level of subjects (each subject being a UO) ?
- Can we use the stat defined as the difference of the imaginary part of
the coherence ? (averaged over the subjects in a group?)

With my anticipated thanks,

JM Lina
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