[FieldTrip] error in ft_artifact_zvalue

Es, M.W.J. van (Mats) M.vanEs at donders.ru.nl
Thu Jun 11 12:55:40 CEST 2015

Hi, I just wanted to start processing my MEG data, but when I want to remove the artifacts using ft_artifact_zvalue I get an error.
This is my code:
% data is preprocessed already
%% Find jump artifacts
cfg = [];

% channel selection, cutoff and padding
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.channel    = 'MEG';
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.cutoff     = 20; % artifact threshold
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.trlpadding = 0;
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.artpadding = 0;
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.fltpadding = 0;

% algorithmic parameters
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.cumulative    = 'yes';
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.medianfilter  = 'yes';
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.medianfiltord = 9;
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.absdiff       = 'yes';

% make the process interactive
cfg.artfctdef.zvalue.interactive = 'yes';

[~, artifact_jump] = ft_artifact_zvalue(cfg, data);

I do get the interactive figure where I can scroll through the trials and I can adjust the threshold, but when I use my mouse (e.g. to click on 'threshold'), I get the following error:

Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

Error in ft_artifact_zvalue>keyboard_cb (line 701)

Error using waitfor
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

It seems like my mouse isn't recognized (tried different USB ports). Can you help me? (PS: scrolling through trials with the keyboard is working).

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