[FieldTrip] No backprojection following ICA

Peter Lyons plyons at udel.edu
Wed Jun 10 02:00:12 CEST 2015

Hello All,

My name is Peter Lyons, and I am a researcher at the University of
Delaware.  Currently, I am conducting resting state EEG research with the
intention of using Fieldtrip to calculate the power of different frequency
bands as well as phase lag index between various sensors.

I have come across a problem when I attempt to call ft_rejectcomponent
following an ICA of my data.  The ICA was performed using
ft_componentanalysis, and the data was viewed using ft_databrowser to
determine unwanted components.  Following these steps I ran this code:

cfg = []
cfg.component = [3 5]
data_clean = ft_rejectcomponent(cfg,data_ica)

which returned the following message:

"not applying the backprojection matrix to the sensor description"

My question is how do I proceed to allow the application of the
backprojection matrix?
I assume I am leaving some vital piece of code out?

Prior to calling ft_componentanalysis my continuous data was
bandpass filtered using ft_preprocessing, and the reference was removed
using the code:

cfg = []
cfg.channel = {'all','-E65'}
data_64 = ft_preprocessing(cfg,data_filt)

I am using an EGI Hydrocel 64 electrode Sensor Net and sampling at 1000 hz.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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