[FieldTrip] Two versions of matlab yield different output from runica

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Dear Roey,


that is indeed true. ICA (at least most versions like runica) use some random initialization of the weights, which is realized by using a random number generator. You can set the random seed manually in FieldTrip/EEGLAB to verify whether you get the same results for different Matlab versions (as long as the algorithms for the random number generator has not changed). Not sure if results will be same across different operating systems though. 





PS: I vaguely remembered some bug in EEGLAB (which’s algorithm FieldTrip uses), so I looked it up on Bugzilla: http://bugzilla.fieldtriptoolbox.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2585 so that one seems to be resolved.




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Dear Carmen,

have you tried running ft_componentanalysis twice on the same matlab? The ICA algorithm has some intrinsic stochasticity in it, and therefore even running it twice on one machine and one matlab version should yield similar but not identical results.

I hope this is indeed the case, and that I'm not misleading you.




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Dear fellow fieldtrippers,

A colleauge and I are analysing the same set of EEG data using the same fieldtrip toolbox (the version of 20150522) but we have different versions of matlab installed on each of our computer (mine is 2013b and hers is 2014b).  After running  ft_componentanalysis (using runica), we compared the output between us and we found that ft_componentanalysis yielded mostly the same components but still there are differences in ranking and the output.

Does anyone know why this is the case and suggest which Matlab version we should use

Many thanks in advance,
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