[FieldTrip] using ft_definetrial

Jörn M. Horschig jorn at artinis.com
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Hi Nikola,


seems to be a nasty problem. I’d start with using event =
ft_read_events(cfg.dataset) and then check up the event-structure on how
they are defined there. ft_trialfun_general is literally checking that
event-structure, so defining them like they are specified in there might







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Nope. That’s not it. No matter if I declare it as a double or string when I
call the eventtype ‘trigger’ instead of ‘?’ they are not read. 






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What about


cfg.trialdef.eventvalue     = 1;


Op 13 jul. 2015, om 18:36 heeft Eelke Spaak <
<mailto:eelke.spaak at donders.ru.nl> eelke.spaak at donders.ru.nl> het volgende


cfg.trialdef.eventvalue     = {'1'};


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