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Hi Jose,

I can think of one out of 2 things:
-you formulate a null hypothesis pertaining to a group of subjects, and do statistical inference across subjects (e.g. by permuting the condition labels), or
-you formulate a null hypothesis pertaining to the observations belonging to the individual conditions, and do statistical inference across observations, e.g. by permuting the trial labels.

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On Jul 9, 2015, at 11:24 AM, Jose Rebola <jrebola at gmail.com<mailto:jrebola at gmail.com>> wrote:


Is there a straightforward way to compare any connectivity measure at a given frequency (say, plv at 30Hz between electrodes 1 and 2) across conditions? I end up with one value per channel combination per frequency per condition, so what is the right way to compare?

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Jose Rebola
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