[FieldTrip] triple triangulation in ft_prepare_neighbours

Thomas Hartmann thomas.hartmann at th-ht.de
Thu Jul 2 14:08:25 CEST 2015

if i use the triangulation method to define my neighbours, it does 
essentially this:

       tri = delaunay(prj(:,1), prj(:,2));
       tri_x = delaunay(prj(:,1)./2, prj(:,2));
       tri_y = delaunay(prj(:,1), prj(:,2)./2);
       tri = [tri; tri_x; tri_y];
       neighbours = compneighbstructfromtri(chanpos, label, tri);

where prj is a 2d projection of the 3d sensor positions. i wonder why 
the two extra triangulations (those resulting in tri_x and tri_y) are in 
there? they compress the data once in the x and the other time in the y 
dimension and repeat the triangulation. the results are mostly redundant 
but there are some extra neighbors that do not seem to make any sense to 


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