[FieldTrip] custer based non parametric permutation test for coherence difference

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Hi Ishita,

I suggest that you search a bit through the archive of this discussion list, because your question has come up on several occasions in the past. Do you want to do statistics within a subject (unit-of-observation is trial), or across subjects (unit-of-observation is subject)?
Another doubt I had was, it seems like I need some neighborhood information for doing the cluster analysis. If I wanted to cluster only in the time frequency grid and not spatially (I am using depth electrode data ) or I wanted the algorithm to find spatial clusters for me in the absence of prior knowledge, is that feasible

if you specify cfg.neighbours = {}, the clustering will be done only in time and frequency. I don’t understand what you mean with ‘finding spatial clusters in the absence of prior knowledge’, but if you tell the function to not cluster in space, it will not do so :o).


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