[FieldTrip] MEG gradiometer leadfield units (HINDRIKS, RIKKERT)

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Hi Rikkert,

I ran into the same question some time ago and eventually figured it out.  Assuming the code has not changed, it depends on the units you use and I had to use a correction factor when using lengths in cm.  See this thread for details:

By the way, there were open issues regarding units back then, you can search fieldtrip's Bugzilla to check the current status.


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Hi all,

I constructed a single-sphere leadfield in Fieldtrip for the CTF 275 MEG system, but am unsure about the units:

If I assume that dipole moments are expressed in pAm and sensor signals in T, then a dipole moment of 10 nAm gives sensor signals in the range 10-100 fT, which is what one expects.

Can anyone confirm the units I assumed for this leadfield?

Thanks a lot,
Rikkert Hindriks


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