[FieldTrip] EEG source localization: ft_sourcegrandaverage does not keep individual data

Kristoffer Appel krisappel at uos.de
Thu Aug 13 10:32:35 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I analyze data from an EEG experiment. Within-subject design, 8 subjects 
each produced trial data in two conditions.

I have used ft_sourceanalysis on the data from ft_freqanalysis for 
obtaining the source data for each subject and each conditon, which 
works (at least ft_sourceplot shows something which seems to make sense).

I use ft_sourcegrandaverage on the data of one condition of all 8 
subjects, and a grand average is computed. So far, so good.

I specify   cfg.keepindividual = 'yes';
However, the single subject data are not kept, so I can't use 

What could I have done wrong?

Kind regards

Kristoffer Appel, M.Sc.

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Universität Osnabrück
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