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Peter Lyons plyons at udel.edu
Wed Aug 12 22:35:26 CEST 2015

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a cluster-based permutation analysis on time-frequency EEG
data. I was able to successfully run the ft_freqstatistics function after
computing the grand average (ft_freqgrandaverage) for my two independent

I am, however, struggling with viewing the topography of my cluster output
using the ft_clusterplot function. I suspect the case may be that I am
missing a time dimension in my data set based on this error message that I

"Attempted to access stat.time(15); index out of bounds because

Error in ft_clusterplot (line 248)
      time_perclus = [stat.time(ind_min) stat.time(ind_max)];"

Is there a viable way to use the ft_clusterplot if the dimensions contained
in my data set is "chan_freq"?

Or, is there an alternative plotting function that would work just as well
or better?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this.

Thank you!

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