[FieldTrip] ft_spiketriggeredaverage & cfg.latency

Daniel Hähnke daniel.haehnke at lrz.tu-muenchen.de
Wed Aug 12 14:30:46 CEST 2015

Dear FieldTrip community,

I want to compute the spike triggered average at various epochs of a trial. I want to use ft_spiketriggeredaverage and cfg.latency for that (cfg.latency would specify the epoch). However, while cfg.latency is still in the help and the code of ft_spiketriggeredaverage, it seems like it is not supported anymore.

I could of course simply cut out the epochs I am interested in and then run ft_spiketriggeredaverage on that, but I would miss LFPs at the edges of the epochs: e.g. if my STA is from -0.1 to 0.1 with respect to a spike and my epoch is from 1 to 1.5, I would only be able to incorporate LFPs from 1.1 to 1.4.

Can anyone think of a workaround for this problem?


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