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Hi Jose,

Yes, using ft_artifact_zvalue you can z-transform your data and mark trials for rejection that exceed a certain threshold. Marked trials can be rejected  with ft_rejectartifact. See http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/automatic_artifact_rejection for a walkthrough and examples.


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Dear fellows,

My name is José Luis, I’m working with Micromed data in the Clinic Research Unit in Ville-Evrard in France. I succeed at importing and reading my data with Fieldtrip. I would like to do a superficial and fast ERP analysis (just for checking purposes), and I was wondering if there any way to tell Fieldtrip to remove trials that exceed a threshold (like -+80 uV). Meaning that I don’t want to go through ICA or any other method like this (for the moment). Is that possible?,
Any hint would be appreciated.

José Luis

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