[FieldTrip] Using Fieldtrip with BCI2000

Oscar Fernando Castañeda Fernández ofcastaneda at outlook.com
Thu Apr 23 15:58:27 CEST 2015

Dear community,

My name is Oscar Castañeda and I’ve been using the Fieldtrip Buffer to extract samples from BCI2000; the samples were obtained using an Emotiv Headset. However, I have a problem with data adquisition: 
When I use the instruction ft_read_data(filename, ‘header’,hdr,‘begsample’,begsample,’endsample’,endsample,’chanindx’,chanindx) [where chanindx is a list going from number 1 to 14] and I compare the obtained data with the one stored in the corresponding BCI2000 .dat file, I find that the samples are equal for the first Emotiv cannel (AF3), just as we would expect. But for the rest of channels, the data returned by ft_read_data is not equal to the one from the .dat file, and varies in a non-constant proportion of 90% to 110% of the .dat sample. Why could this be happening? I would appreciate very much any kind of help.

Thank you very much,

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