[FieldTrip] error when I convert .mri data into mgz or other format

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Sun Apr 12 17:32:05 CEST 2015

Hi Experts, 

I got a set of MEG. The anatomical MRI was stored in .mri format (CTF device) and MEG was stored in a folder named by xxx.ds. 
I do not know how to do segmentation of .mri into scalp,skull and cortex. So I try to convert .mri into .mgz or other format so 
that it can be used in freesurfer for reconstruction. 
I used the following command.

y=ft_write_mri('ddd',x,'dataformat','mgz', 'transform',x.transform)

the error was  

>> y=ft_write_mri('ddd',x,'dataformat','mgz', 'transform',x.transform)
Error using fwrite
Cannot write value: unsupported class struct

Error in save_mgh (line 107)

Error in ft_write_mri (line 79)
    save_mgh(dat, filename, transform);

I failed to do it. 
1. Anyone know what happens ?
2. Freesurfer can use .mri directly to reconstruct ?
3. Are there other methods to convert .mri into .mgz or .dicom format?

Best wishes, 
J. Zhang 


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