[FieldTrip] Call for applications for 15 early stage researchers

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Thu Apr 9 09:04:11 CEST 2015

Dear all

Positions for 15 early stage researchers (doctoral students) are offered in a project aiming to develop and apply new brain research methods to study normal and atypical cognitive development of children. Applicants from all relevant academic disciplines are encouraged to apply, including cognitive neuroscience, computer science, educational sciences, engineering, medicine, mathematics, psychology, physics, statistics, and related disciplines. The selected doctoral students will enroll in the graduate school of the host institution and work towards their PhD.
The multidisciplinary ChildBrain (Advancing brain research in children’s developmental neurocognitive disorders) project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie action of the European Union. It is part of the Innovative Training Network (ITN) actions.

The positions are open at five top ranked academic institutions and three innovative companies in PhD projects under three broader themes of neurocognitive disorders, brain development and brain research methods (see project descriptions at www.childbrain.eu).

The academic and private sector partners will offer the students project-specific research, scientific collaboration, secondments, workshops and courses on scientific and entrepreneurial skills, as well as excellent supervision. Salaries are competitive (please see details under specific ESR projects).

Successful applicants should have a degree that allows a direct entry into doctoral studies and less than 4 years of experience in research; and not have lived more than 12 months during the last 3 years in the country where doctoral studies are started; this is due to emphasis on mobility in the ITN projects.
Women and men from all countries are encouraged to apply.

Please see details on the projects and how to apply at www.childbrain.eu.
Deadline for the first round of applications is April 30th 2015 (June 30th 2015 for ESR projects 2, 5, 9 and 11).

best regards,

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