[FieldTrip] Problem with standard_1020.elc file

gamaliel huerta urrea gamaliel.ghu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 18:23:00 CEST 2014

Hi all

I have the next problem:

When I read the standard_1020.elc file of my FieldTrip documents. reading
shows the following:

elec = ft_read_sens('standard_1020.elc')

elec =

    chanpos: [97x3 double]
    elecpos: [97x3 double]
      label: {97x1 cell}
       type: 'eeg1010'
       unit: 'mm'

I know that the 1020 system is different system 1010, but reading the
standard_1020.elc file that comes by default in my Fieldtrip folder.
Apparently not contain the informations system 1020 but 1010.

 have you a page where you can download the correct file standard_1020.elc?

Another question is:

Where I can get the files that come by default in fieldtrip:

standard_bem and standard_mri?

My template folder fieldtrip not have them by default.


*Gamaliel Huerta*
*Ingeniería Civil Biomédica*
*Universidad de Valparaíso*
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