[FieldTrip] Questions about matriz lead field

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Tue Sep 23 18:35:01 CEST 2014

Hi experts

I hope you can help me

prior information

1) I pretend work with EEG data simulation
2) I pretend use a template of sensor same as system 10-20
3) I have the anatomy of the patient in MRIs T2 contrast for generate the
volume conduction

I have the volume conduction model that I performed with the tutorial: "
creating a volume conduction model of the head for source-reconstruction of
eeg data"

Now, I need simulate a dipole source into brain generated (volume
conduction model). I have sent repeated questions about how to do this and
you responded me with two reference pages:




Now my questions are the next:

In the first case (page 1):

Can i add my own volume conduction instead of the concentric spheres
describes in the example?
I tried this but, i have not good results

In the second case (page 2):

This reference page says that the script is specific to MEG, and not use a
vol especific (use a concentric sphere).

Can i use the sript as example for generate my personal dipole source in my
 volume conduction model?

Sorry for my continuous questions, but i am new in this world, the final
objective of this is try of generate my own sources to generate my own
simulate eeg data, and next aplicate the source analysis to found the same
position of the dipole


*Gamaliel Huerta*
*Ingeniería Civil Biomédica*
*Universidad de Valparaíso*
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