[FieldTrip] help for statistics on ERD/ERS

Giuly giulia.rizza at tiscali.it
Wed Oct 8 10:45:23 CEST 2014

  Hi Tzvetan
Thank you so much for your reply
I will try these
functions keeping in mind your explanation
Best regards

07.10.2014 21:07 Tzvetan Popov ha scritto: 

> Hi Giulia,
>> Dear
Fieldtrippers I'm writing to ask you some help on data in a single
subject study. I did a time frequency decomposition and I would like to
do a statistic to state whether the average TFR has significant ERD/ERS
or not. I'm not sure how to proceed
> What you are referring to is a
"between trial experiment" which is described in this tutorial:
http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/tutorial/cluster_permutation_freq [1]
One possible way to go is to compute the TFR's with cfg.keeptrials =
'yes'. Next you'd treat the baseline and the task interval as two
conditions by separating them using ft_selectdata. After this you can
compute the statistical comparison in a similar fashion as described in
the tutorial. 
> Keep in mind that you have to cut the data into equal
lengths. Please have a look at this post : 
>> , as a first step I compared the single trial baseline with
the respective event, with a t-test for each condition and band of
interest but I'm not really sure if this is enough and anyway if it is
the correct way.
> Also please type "actvsblT" in the search bar and
then click on "Search the FieldTrip mailing list". There you'll find
some info about this.
> best
> tzvetan
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