[FieldTrip] Undefined function or variable 'lay'

Yanina Prystauka ojoe4ki at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 19:10:35 CET 2014

Dear Fieldtripers!

I have data collected with Neuroscan 32 channels quickcap (1020 standard).
There is no template layout for it so I tried to create it myself and had
to use Robert Oostenveld's help to succeed (please, see

So now I have a nice layout. I have checked it with

cfg = [];
cfg.layout = 'quickcap32.lay'

And I have created a .mat file out of it with

layout = ft_prepare_layout(cfg)

save quickcap32.mat layout

And according to the tutorial on Fieldtrip Donders website this .mat
file should contain variable 'lay'.  But now whenever I try to use the
'lay' variable for whatever purposes (e.g. plotting):

templates_dir = 'D:/My Documents/MATLAB/template/layout/'

load([templates_dir 'quickcap32.mat']);

cfg             = [];

cfg.layout = lay;

... I get this *Undefined function or variable 'lay'* message.

What am I doing wrong? Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated!

Kind regards,

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