[FieldTrip] Opening preprocessed .mat files for further analysis

Arti Abhishek mailtome.2113 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 03:36:05 CEST 2014

Dear list,

I am stumbled upon a very basic problem ( I am a beginner MATLAB user). I
have EEG data preprocessed and saved as .mat files. Now I want to further
process the data. I used the following script

Subjects= {'s01', 's02', 's03', 's04', 's05', 's06', 's07', 's08', 's09',
's10', 's11', 's12'...

's13', 's14', 's15', 's16', 's17', 's18', 's19', 's21', 's23'};

Triggers = [101 111 121];

Conditions = {'4Ch', '8Ch', '16Ch'};

for i=1:length(Subjects)

for j=1:length (Conditions)

 cfg =[];

FileName = strcat(Subjects{i},'_', Conditions{j}, '.mat');

 DataFIC = load (FileName);

 hdr = ft_read_header (DataFIC);

dat = ft_read_data(DataFIC, 'header', 'hdr');

 cfg.method = 'summary';

 cfg.channels = 'all';

 data_clean = ft_rejectvisual(cfg, dat);

save (strcat(Subjects{i},'_', Conditions{j}) , 'data_clean')


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