[FieldTrip] About huge delay for ft_read_data to return

Martin Dinov m.dinov13 at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Nov 24 13:03:57 CET 2014

Hi Alex,

Apology for late reply. This fixed the issue. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

On 11/20/14, 9:13 AM, Alexander Maye wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> if I remember correctly, it helps to read the header once (ft_read_header) and 
> then pass it to the ft_read_data calls. For continuous reading you need to 
> update the sample information inside the header struct with the data from 
> ft_poll_buffer.
> Best,
> 		ALEX.
> Am Mittwoch, 19. November 2014, 16:24:43 schrieb Martin Dinov:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm trying to do something with realtime EEG data and I'm using the
>> ft_read_data function get data from BrainVision Recorder via rda2ft. In
>> MATLAB, calling ft_read_data seems to always take >=500ms (even for a
>> single sample point from data with srate of 1000Hz) which is
>> unacceptably slow for what I want to do. Perhaps specifying channel
>> indices to read only some of the data would speed it up, but I haven't
>> managed to get this to work. As I am trying to phase lock to the alpha
>> band, I need to be able to read in single sample points (after an
>> initial larger block that can take longer) much quicker than 500ms
>> (<50ms). I highly appreciate any help with this!
>> Thanks in advance
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