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Dear Azeez,
It depends on whether you want an actual point (whose activity you want to use, for example) or just an (x,y,z) coordinate.

In the latter case you could go over all the point of a given ROI in the atlas, and compute the mean of their x value, the mean if their y value and the mean of their x value (notice that you know which coordinate system you're using, e.g. SPM).

If you want an actual point that resides on the atlas grid, you can then find the point closest to the point you computed above (for example, you could use the marlab function "norm" on the difference between the two points, which would be represented as vectors).

I'm not sitting in front of fieldtrip at the moment, so hopefully this made sense to you.


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> Dear experts,
> please how can I identify the midpoint of  each of the region of AAL atlas. 
> thank you
> Azeez A. Adebimpe
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