[FieldTrip] beamformer and granger casuality

Tyler Grummett tyler.grummett at flinders.edu.au
Fri Nov 14 05:45:53 CET 2014

Hello fieldtrip,

I was just wondering whether it was possible to perform a beamformer analysis on some EEG data and then perform a connectivity analysis on the source using the granger casuality method. Currently I am following the connectivity/extended tutorials and just doing granger casuality connectivity analysis on EEG data (ft_mvaranalysis-ft_freqanalysis-ft_connectivityanalysis) and its working fine, just curious to see if it works on beamformed data.

>From what Ive tested so far, ft_connectivityanalysis seems to want a 'mom' field, which doesnt appear to be present when you conduct a DICS beamformer (I am aware 'mom' refers to moment, which is in the time domain).



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