[FieldTrip] intertrial coherence estimation

Laura Marzetti laura.marzetti at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 15:54:14 CET 2014

Dear all,

I want to compute the intertrial phase coherence and its variation across
trials with a one taper hanning approach as in

*cfg = [];*

*cfg.output     = 'fourier';*

*cfg.channel    = 'all';*

*cfg.method     = 'mtmconvol';*

*cfg.taper = 'hanning';*

*cfg.foi        = 5:2:80;*

*cfg.t_ftimwin  = 5./cfg.foi; *

*cfg.tapsmofrq  = 0.4*cfg.foi; *

*cfg.toi        = time_vect;*

*cfg.pad        = 'maxperlen'; *

*cfg.keeptrials = 'yes';*

*% cfg.keeptapers = 'no';*

*freqscprm = ft_freqanalysis(cfg, data);*

*tmpdat = freqscprm.fourierspctrm;*

*tmpdat = tmpdat./abs(tmpdat);*

*itc = abs(mean(tmpdat)); *

Nevertheless, the option *cfg.keeptrials = 'yes'; *does not seem to be
applied and the output is already the average across trials, e.g. of size
nfreq x ntimepoints and not of size ntrials x  nfreq x ntimepoints as I
would have expected due to the settings for *cfg.keeptrials.*

Can anyone suggest me how to manage the configuration in order to have
estimates in each trial as an output?



Laura Marzetti, PhD
Istituto di Tecnologie Avanzate Biomediche
Università di Chieti "G. D'Annunzio"
Via dei Vestini - Campus Universitario
66013 Chieti - ITALY

phone: 0039-0871-3556944
fax: 0039-0871-3556930
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