[FieldTrip] group_statistics_question

Saurabh Kumar kumar at cbs.mpg.de
Tue Nov 11 12:23:42 CET 2014

Hello fellow researchers,

I have a general problem and am only seeking the solution in the correct direction.

I am working with the EEG data and I have been able to locate the source in the brain using the MNE method that is implemented in the fieldtrip. My next step would be to do group statistics and for this I wanna know if there are some functions already implemented in fieldtrip.

I have been doing source_statictics and as I understand it is used to find the significant difference between source conditions.

Seeking a way,

Saurabh Kumar

Cognitive Neurology
Max Planck Institute
for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Stephanstr. 1a
04103 Leipzig

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