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Brittany Alperin balperin07 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 02:14:57 CET 2014


I'm new to programming and to fieldtrip, but I'd like to run a basic FFT
using fieldtrip. I've done all other preprocessing in EEGlab. I've looked
through the wiki and watched some videos about fieldtrips FFT functions
(which were great) I just need help with implementation. Could someone give
me some example code for running an FFT? These are my more specific

1. I found that eeglab2filedtrip is a function I can use to convert my file
from the eeglab format to fieldtrip format. Can someone give me an example
as to what that code would look like?

2. I was a 40% hanning window for my FFT. How do I specify the 40%?

3. What will the output look like? What I ideally want is the power for
each electrode site within a certain frequency (whichever I specify as
being of interest).

Thanks for the help!
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