[FieldTrip] channel time series from simulated brain data

Tim Hahn Hahn at psych.uni-frankfurt.de
Sat Nov 1 11:27:49 CET 2014

Dear all,
I simulated neural dynamics. Now, I'd like to compare it to my EEG data. 
To generate scalp maps (i.e. time series at each channel) from my 
simulation, I would need to put my simulated data into a forward model 
if I understand correctly. How could I do this using fieldtrip? If I'm 
not mistaken, I need to generate a lead-field matrix to "project" my 
simulated brain data onto the channel locations. Unfortunately, all 
examples need individual MRI data to build the model whereas I simply 
modeled my data in MNI space in the first place and thus don't have MRI 
data (nor should I need it in this case, I think).
Thanks a lot for your help.

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