[FieldTrip] Template for Electrode Positions

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Hi Keyvan,

I also used a 64 channel EEG cap and used the Fieldtrip template standard_1020.elc. Although this template has more electrodes, Fieldtrip automatically only uses the electrodes from that template that are also present in your data (it checks the labels, so make sure your electrode labels agree with the ones in the template when it comes to upper/lower case). The 64 electrodes that I used in my experiment are all present in the standard_1020.elc template and they are on the same position as in my cap.

Good luck!

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Dear all,

I want to do EEG source reconstruction. The EEG cap we used is the standard 10-20 system with 64 channels, but the MRI and electrode positions of  subjects are not available. I'm thinking of using Fieldtrip templates.

For head model I used:

load standard_bem.mat

But for Electrode positions I checked all options at this link:

the only option with 64 channel is GSN-HydroCel-64_1.0.sfp. It includes labels in this format:
E1 E2 E3...

So, How can I use it for my work?

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