[FieldTrip] which baseline correction to choose for frequency analysis

KatrinH Heimann katrinheimann at gmail.com
Thu May 29 11:55:35 CEST 2014

Hey together,
another rather conceptual question:
I am wondering about the baselinecorrection for the frequencyanalysis.
I want to compare two timeperiods of one second each, lying right after
each other.
In the preprocessing I have baseline corrected them using 100 ms before the
first piece (last part of a fixationcross period).
Do I use the same part for the frequencyanalysis? Will say, do I run the
analysis let's say from -0.5 (0 point is end of fixation cross) to 2.5 s,
correcting with [-0.1 0] and then extract the two different conditions by
statistical extraction (each 1 second long) ? Or do I run two analysis on
(a bit more than) one second each, using the whole trial as baseline?

thanks a lot for your advice again! Best
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