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Post doc, Stockholm, Sweden
The Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet offers a 2 year post doc position giving the
researcher an unique mix of inspiring interactions with researchers from a wide range of research areas
and a freedom to pursuit one's own qualified research questions.
NatMEG – the national facility for magnetoencephalography (MEG)
As of September 2013 Karolinska Institutet hosts a superbly equipped MEG lab. The NatMEG lab is a
national facility open for researchers from all across Sweden. Due to it being a national facility, a wide
array of projects is currently ongoing or under initiation at NatMEG. We are covering areas such as next generation
SQUIDS, computational modelling, epilepsy work-ups and cognitive neuroscience in the areas of memory, language, attention, perception, pain, music, decision making, emotion, autism, schizophrenia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and more.
We currently have 1 post doc and 3 guest professors that supports and initiates research at NatMEG and we are now recruiting another postdoc researcher to the lab.
Please visit http://www.natmeg.se for more information.
Your duties as a postdoc will consist of:
•       The postdocs own qualified research with MEG and/or simultaneous MEG & EEG.
•       Research at the national infrastructure for magnetoencephalography (NatMEG), including some
general operation.
•       Scientific support to users at NatMEG, regarding methods, experimental design and analysis.
•       Development of routines, experimental design and analysis with MEG and EEG.
Entry requirements
An ideal candidate has extensive MEG experience and is experienced in psychophysiology measurements. The person has strong skills in FieldTrip, MNE or other MEG analysis tools as well as in MatLab and/or Python.  We are looking for candidates with a research interest within the cognitive neuroscience domain, that master academic English, is independent and service minded.
A person is eligible for a position as postdoctoral research fellow if he or she has obtained a PhD no
more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc.
Application process
Read more about the application process at https://ki.mynetworkglobal.com/en/what:job/jobID:35553/.
Applications are to be submitted in the recruitment system NetRecruiter.
Application deadline 2014-06-15
Contact information
Daniel Lundqvist, Project manager
daniel.lundqvist at ki.se
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