[FieldTrip] cfg.parameter definition problem in ft_sourcegrandaverage

Tineke Grent-'t-Jong t.grent-tjong at donders.ru.nl
Sun May 11 11:22:14 CEST 2014

Dear all, 

I tried to grandaverage beamformer source-reconstructions of beta-coherent sources (coherent with a seed-region) this morning and received the following error message:

??? Reference to a non-existent field 'avg.coh' 
(refering to my specification of cfg.parameter = 'avg.coh', which is where the data truly is)

This is strange given the fact that the same procedure worked just fine on comparable data (same analysis, different settings) a few weeks ago. Running the function again with cfg.parameter = 'coh' did initially seem to work, but in hindsight gave the wrong output, likely related to the fact that the field 'coh' was simply ignored (warning during running read: "skipping unknown field 'coh').

Has anyone any idea what the problem is and how to resolve it?


Tineke Grent-'t-Jong

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