[FieldTrip] Real-time Analysis using Matlab with Emotiv EEG Headset

Yturbides, Walker yturbidesw at wit.edu
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Hi Jörn,

Thank you for your response. I am currently trying to use the applications that FieldTrip offers such as 'Emotiv2ft.exe' and the 'demo_buffer.exe' and when I try to plot the signals in real time, I am not able to. I just need to be able to import all the raw EEG signals into Matlab for now. Once I have the real-time signals in Matlab I will be processing them but as of right now that is where I am stuck at. Would you have any suggestions on how to import the signals so I am able to process them in real-time or as close as possible?

Thank You,

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Hi Walker,

where to start depends a lot on your already existing knowledge on electrophsyiological data analysis and your programming experience. If you have not very much experience in the former, I would suggest to read http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/walkthrough
This also gives a very nice overview on some rationales in the FieldTrip toolbox in general.
I assume your programming to be somewhat good due to your background, so you can go on by checking existing tutorials and adapting their example code to your need:

You could start with the preprocessing tutorials and see how you can adapt them to what you want.
And, be sure to use the search function of the wikipage, e.g. search for 'import data' if you get stuck on importing your data ;) As another example, you can search for 'emotiv':

But better start in the beginning instead of skipping important steps ;)


On 3/17/2014 1:28 PM, Yturbides, Walker wrote:
> Hello FieldTrip Users,
> I am new to the FieldTrip toolbox and I have a background in 
> Electronics Engineering. I recently bought an EEG Neuroheadset and 
> want to control a wheelchair with it for my senior design project.
> There is so much that is possible using FieldTrip that I do not know 
> where to start. Can someone help me get started, or perhaps have any 
> suggestions? Also, I am trying to read the raw EEG signals from the 
> Emotiv headset into MATLAB. Does anyone have any information that 
> would help me?
> Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Walker
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