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Dear Xiao,

I am new to maxfilter as well, but this is what I understand; Maxfilter's
SSS decomposes your data spatially, separating it into components that
arise from the helmet from those that arise from outside the helmet. This
results in a reduction of dimensionality of your data, typically to around
80. This should, as I understand it, be still OK for source reconstruction
methods and, in fact, I think is often used in those.
The tSSS method extends the SSS method to the temporal domain. I would
therefor be extremely careful in using tSSS in combination with analyses of
temporal correlations in the data, such as PLV. In any case you could test
the effect it has on your dependent measures by applying the analysis with
and without tSSS.

Best of luck,

On 4 March 2014 09:06, tongxiao meng <mengtongxiao at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all:
> I don't know much about maxfilter, but I have a .fif file that have done
> tsss.
> Does it mean that I can use the data to do source  reconstruction or some
> compute (eg.plv) ?
> thank youi very much again.
> Xiao
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