[FieldTrip] Wrong functionality/ misunderstanding with cfg.frequency field in ft_freqstatistics

Jim Parkinson jimparkinson at me.com
Wed Mar 19 12:40:46 CET 2014


i have some TFR data which has been analysed over 1 : .5 : 30 Hz using
ft_freqanalysis  (MTMCONVOL), 11 subjects, 2 conditions

Right now I'd like to compare the two conditions using ft_freqstatistics
but restrain the statistics to the freq range 1:10.  so I've set

cfg.frequency = [1 10]

But, by the time the stats are running, the analysis is over the full range
produced by ft_freqanalysis (1:30 Hz), and the output stats reflects this.
 Somewhere in ft_freqstatistics the cfg.frequency setting seems to be
overridden.  Is this a bug, am i doing something wrong, or have I
misunderstood what cfg,frequency is supposed to be doing?

thanks for any help!


Dr Jim Parkinson, D.Phil

j.m.parkinson at sussex.ac.uk
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