[FieldTrip] Call for papers, Cutting-edge EEG methods

Maximilien Chaumon maximilien.chaumon at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 13:40:44 CET 2014

Dear EEG community,

Cutting EEG<http://www.mind-and-brain.de/postdoctoral-program/scientific-events/cutting-eeg/>,
the first symposium on Cutting-edge EEG methods for research on cognition
happened in Berlin on the 19th to 21th February 2014. The success of this
small event was resounding and we are now looking to raise its impact by
preparing a* special issue at Journal of Neuroscience Methods for the end
of this year*.

By bringing together leading scientists contributing to the field in this
special issue, we wish to create a landmark reference of methods for EEG
research on cognition. We would like this issue to cover the most important
basic aspects the EEG analysis workflow, as well as making state-of-the-art
tools for signal processing, robust statistics and machine learning more
accessible to our community.

The submission process goes as follows:


   Submission via http://ees.elsevier.com/jneumeth/

   Your paper will go through a full review process. We will be in contact
   through the submission system. The final decision to publish is made by
   Editor in Chief Vincenzo Crunelli <Crunelli at cardiff.ac.uk>.

   There is no hard limit of page length, but we recommend 5000-7000 words.

   No mandatory publication charges. Figures in color are free online.
   Optional charges for authors of color in print (each author will get 4
   color figures in print for free but will pay 270 EUR per figure beyond
   that). There is also an Open Access option at your charge (1,800 USD per

   For additional and more detailed information and guidelines:

Time schedule for this Special Issue:

31 May 2014 Deadline for submission of MSs

July 2014 Reviews returned to authors

October 2014 Acceptance deadline (final notifications)

November 2014 Expected publication date

Important note: The goal of this issue is to make your method accessible to
non-expert EEG researchers. In order to make your contribution as much
accessible and useful as possible, we would like to recommend the following:


   Include a numbered list of steps required to implement your method

   Share tips: the simple manipulations that enhance the quality of the
   data (e.g. normalization, re-referencing, preprocessing steps...)

   Share code (e.g. through code repositories like Git, Google code or

Note also: manuscripts describing *known methods with a new look are also
encouraged*. This means that if you think that your method has already been
documented, but you have interesting tips or the current view on the topic
has changed significantly over recent years, you are welcome to submit.
Please *get in contact with us *with your submission inquiry.

Finally, we are looking for some really *awesome looking visuals* for the
cover-art of our Special Issue. Please feel free to contribute ideas or
send us drafts!

Please feel free to *contact us* if you have any questions.

 Best regards,

Maximilien Chaumon, S├ębastien Crouzet & Niko Busch

Guest Editors,

Special Issue on Cutting-edge EEG methods.
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