[FieldTrip] ICA: eeglab and fieldtrip

Aaron Hanford aharown at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 31 21:51:51 CEST 2014

Hi,I'm resending this with the figures turned into jpgs so it's not oversize...anyway, so I'm somewhat new to both fieldtrip and eeglab (although much more so to fieldtrip).  I'm trying to figure out the following:
On the exact same dataset, I did the following two things:  
1) in eeglab, I just chose Tools -> Run ICA with default settings.
Then, starting over with the original raw data:
2) In fieldtrip I ran the following: data = eeglab2fieldtrip(EEG,'preprocessing','none');cfg = [];cfg.method = 'runica';[comp]=ft_componentanalysis(cfg,data);layout = 'C:\Users\aharown\Desktop\fieldtrip-20140126\template\layout\easycapM17.mat';cfg.component = [1:31];cfg.layout = layout;ft_topoplotIC(cfg,comp);
In both cases I then plotted the 2-D component maps, attached.
So my question is, why are these results so completely different?  The fieldtrip results don't look right at all, in that for instance they don't obviously identify a blink component (note that in this dataset, there is only one electrode placed near the right eye, not the left).  I did this a handful of times and got the same sort of big differences.  Am I doing something wrong or what?

I actually think the cap file seems incorrect, but I've been assured by my PI that it's correct, so .... is there another likely answer?
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