[FieldTrip] Postdoc opening in multimodal human brain mapping/modulation & epilepsy

David Groppe david.m.groppe at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 17:15:52 CEST 2014

Post doctoral position available for research using a multimodal approach
to investigate brain organization and function at the Hofstra
University-North Shore LIJ School of Medicine in partnership with the
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Studies involve surgical epilepsy
patients undergoing intracranial electrophysiological monitoring for
seizure detection and functional electrical stimulation mapping. Ongoing
research projects include:

1) Validation of task-based and resting state fMRI and DTI using electrical
stimulation mapping, electrocorticography and corticocortical evoked

2) Investigation of the neuronal dynamics underlying selective attention
and active sensing, language, object identification and auditory stream

3) Modulation of neuronal function by direct cortical stimulation and
investigation of the mechanisms of TMS, tDCS and tACS;

4) Prediction of seizure spread using electrophysiological and MRI markers.

Responsibilities will include designing fMRI, ECoG and neurostimulation
experiments and data analysis and the coordination of access to patients
for research studies. Located in Long Island, 10 miles from Manhattan,
there is tremendous opportunity for involvement with collaborative effort
with multiple research groups the area with similar interests.  Candidates
should have M.D. and/or Ph.D. degrees and have some background in fMRI,
electrophysiology, and/or data analysis (Matlab). Ideal start date would be
between 9/2014-1/2015. For more information about the lab see:


If interested, please submit CV and short statement of interest to Dr.
Ashesh Mehta at amehta at nshs.edu for more information.
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