[FieldTrip] Possible bug with 'outline' option in ft_singleplotTFR

Jim Parkinson jimparkinson at me.com
Thu Jun 26 15:12:32 CEST 2014


I have been using ft_singleplotTFR along with the 'outline' option to mask
areas of the plot as given by an ft_freqstatistics output.  I started to
notice that the outline didn't match up with what (by eyeball!) should be

So I checked the function by using ft_singleplotTFR
            cfg             = [];
            cfg.parameter   = 'mask';
            cfg.channel     = 'Cz';
            cfg.zlim   = [0 1];

            % masks
            cfg.maskparameter   = 'mask';
            cfg.maskstyle       = 'outline';

            cfg.renderer        = 'opengl';

therefore I am plotting the mask data (zeros or ones) and also using that
data as the outline parameter - so the outline should be EXACTLY around the
RED area (ones), right?  This doesn't happen (screencap here:

However, the 'opacity' and 'saturation' methods work fine, and perfectly
bounds the mask area.  Has anyone else had this issue with 'outline', have
any pointers, or alternatives that are easy to implement.

p.s., I've replicated this with all rendering options, on both Mac and Linux

Thanks for any help



Dr Jim Parkinson, D.Phil

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sackler Centre For Consciousness Science

School of Psychology

University of Sussex



jimparkinson at me.com

j.m.parkinson at sussex.ac.uk
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