[FieldTrip] error in (ft_prepare_mesh)

Rasha Haider haiderrasha at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 08:10:09 CEST 2014

Hello every one
I was following the tutorial in page http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/tutorial/headmodel_eeg to construct a head model for EEG, I've done the same steps explained 
in the tutorial but when I reach the meshing stage and use:


I get the following error:

??? Undefined function or method 'myvolumefillholes' for input arguments of type 'logical'.

error in ==> triangulate_seg at 73
seg = myvolumefillholes(seg);

error in ==> prepare_mesh_segmentation at 101
[pnt, tri] = triangulate_seg(seg, cfg.numvertices(i), ori);

error in ==> ft_prepare_mesh at 178
bnd = prepare_mesh_segmentation(cfg, mri);
although I'm geting the same results for the data structure as in the tutorial:


dim: [256 256 256]

transform: [4x4 double]

coordsys: 'ctf'

unit: 'mm'

brain: [256x256x256 logical]

skull: [256x256x256 logical]

scalp: [256x256x256 logical]

cfg: [1x1 struct]
can any one help in this matter please?

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