[FieldTrip] source correlation.

Azeez Adebimpe ayobimpe2004 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 20 18:51:25 CET 2014

Hi Jan and Robert,
Pls I have the following questions,
1. Regarding to attached picture, I calculated coherence using DICS method  with ref channel T8 ( which is right temporal). I expect to see correlation or coherence by the the two side, but only found at the left temporal part but nothing on the seed point, the right temporal, or is there is any configuration i did not include or miss? I use the following configuration cfg2 =         method: 'dics'     frequency: 2          grid: [1x1 struct]           vol: [1x1 struct]          elec: [1x1 struct]       channel: {63x1 cell}    refchannel: 'T8'
2. I want to obtain connectivity matrix from the source. Will it be ok to calculate it from the power source using the following configuration cfg=[];cfg.method='powcorr';
The output powerspctrum only contains NaN.  I am thinking if I could bring out only the inside dipoles and compute it differently. Can I obtain the same correlation matrix?
Thank you! Azeez A. Adebimpe

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