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Dear Fieldtrippers,

please find below infos for the Open Day dedicated to students interested in pursuing Master / PhD studies in cognitive neuroscience here at CIMeC. 

I encourage especially students interested in MEG to check out the program. I heard great things about the MEG lab there ;-)


Open Day for prospective graduate students in Mind/Brain Sciences
Rovereto, 24 March 2014

The Open Day is dedicated to prospective MSc and PhD students from UniTN and other universities in Italy and abroad, interested in getting first hand information about the CIMeC Graduate Program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences:

*   Master's course in Cognitive Science<http://international.unitn.it/mcs/two-year-master-program-cognitive-science>
*   Doctoral course in Cognitive and Brain Sciences<http://www.unitn.it/en/drcimec>

Throughout the day, students will have the opportunity to attend presentations of post-graduate studies available at CIMeC, get acquainted with admissions procedures and requirements, get information about financial aid and scholarship programs, get information on professional placement and research opportunities, take part in a guided tour of the CIMeC labs, and get more personalized information from faculty and students.

For more information and schedule:


If interested, please contact us at mcs at unitn.it<mailto:mcs at unitn.it> (for prospective MSc students) orphd.cimec at unitn.it<http://phd.cimec@unitn.it/> (for prospective PhD students)

Dr. Nathan Weisz
Associate Professor

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Tel +39 0461 28 3040
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e-mail nathan.weisz at unitn.it

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