[FieldTrip] Coherence statistics between two groups of subjects

Лукоянов Максим sviter33 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 13:01:02 CET 2014

Can anyone help me to understand the best way to calculate coherence of
continuous data and compare results for two groups of subjects?
The problem is that length of records is not equal for different subjects
and for every subject I have several files. However, total length of
records is not less than 30 s (Fs=500 Hz). I want to be sure that unequal
length is not effect on results of statistical comparison between groups.
Is it better to process these files separately and then average results or
use ft_appenddata for each subject's files before the analysis?
My second question is how to make a statistical test on the results of
ft_connectivityanalysis between two groups of subjects. I have read all
mail archive about this topic but with no progress. May anyone provide
simple code example?

Thenks for your help,

Maxim Lukoyanov
J. Researcher, NNMST
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