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Kaelasha Tyler ktyler at swin.edu.au
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Hi Rajat,

I am using a Neuromag Elekta system.
Provided I use bioleads to pick up ECG and EOG, when I run an ICA, ECG is picked up and removed very tidily.
We use leads above and below each eye (EOG), plus a lead on each wrist (ECG) and the elbow for ground.
In this case, running an ICA automatically and clearly picks up EOG and ECG and these can be removed cleanly.

Previously I was not using bioleads. In that case, I only had data from the MEG sensors. When I ran the ICA, it was more difficult to identify a clean ECG component. But it was still possible to see components which were largely ECG and EOG, and these could be removed. No ideal, but still possible.

If your system allows use of bioleads, use these and run ft_componentanalysis followed by ft_rejectcomponent on preprocessed data.
If not, just run the ft_componentanalysis and ft_rejectcomponent anyway. ECG should still be able to be identified.

Hope that helps!


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Hello rajat,

To do the triangle, it's usually left wrist, right wrist and right leg. However in clinical studies, they use two electrodes: one underneath the right clavicle and the other roughly five centimetres below the left arm pit.

As for removing it from the signal, the ICA method is your best bet. However it will be difficult and I'm not 100% you'll be to find a pure ICA component that contains just ECG activity.

I hope I helped the slightest bit.


On 19 Dec 2014, at 11:31 pm, Rajat Thomas <r.thomas at nin.knaw.nl<mailto:r.thomas at nin.knaw.nl>> wrote:

Dear FieldTrippers,

I have not been able to find a resource for ECG recording and removal in FieldTrip.

What is the best practise in terms of placing the electrodes (and how many) ? Left/Right


Also is there a standard pipeline to remove the ECG from these measurements?

Any pointers would be great.

Thank you.


Rajat Mani Thomas
Social Brain Lab
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
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